09. November 2019
Image by Laura Spiteri... Listen to this fun story plus grammar explanations and revise German reflexive verbs, pronouns and linking sentences.

Fluency · 18. October 2019
Listening comprehension for A2 - B1 students of German.

Fluency · 30. August 2019
Do it again - repeat it (go over) - look through it - read through it - review it - revise it are phrasal verbs that are tricky to use in German.

31. July 2019
This month we talked about summer and heatwave. Can you complete the sentences?

16. June 2019
How to expand the meaning of verbs by using prefixes like "an". Wann kommen wir in Barcelona an?

07. May 2019
Expanding on nehmen with prefixes.

29. April 2019
Listen, record yourself and alter the sentences for retention.

18. March 2019
Long Easter weekend and four days off. 10 things people do in German speaking countries.

Fluency · 09. February 2019
Carnival muffle or carnival fan. The spirits divide. Either you love "Fasching" or you hate it.

11. December 2018
You want to write short Christmas Greetings to friends & family or to a business contact in German. Here is a few suggestions of how to get started and how to say it.

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