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Why should you choose an independent German teacher?

An independent teacher will put much more time and resources into exploring your skills and abilities and your personality, to decide how best to incorporate that into your learning. 

Corporate, on the other hand, will be generic not specific to your needs, skills and experience. Why?

Teachers are paid too little to do a lot of preparation.

Help with German from anywhere in the world

take Live Online German-English Lessons 1-1 Tuition or Small Group

For private and business clients, pupils and students who want to catch up and raise their German exam grades, as well as adults, who have family and work commitments in a German speaking country

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Photo: Laura Spitterie
Photo: Laura Spitterie

“Skype” calls are video/audio calls over the Internet. 

For learning a foreign language it works best to use Skype on your computer but many students prefer to use their smartphone. It is free to use Skype. 

 "Learning and Teaching Languages online"...  is not only the most effective way to learn a foreign language by far but also the most cost effective... All the tools available online make it possible to integrate all four language learning skills.