• Hallo, ich bin Ute, deine Deutschlehrerin.
Since 2011, I have been teaching German Online
  • My goal:
Getting you through the fluency gap.
  • My language teaching and learning philosophy:
To learn with materials you are interested in, at your own pace, in a way that suits you, without stress.
  • What do I teach:
I teach on-to-one and small group formation classes on Skype
  • Who do I teach:
I've had the privilege of teaching many German (and English) learners from age 7 to 77 from countries all over the world.
Join me to speak German naturally without stress!


Short Teaching Bio

Originally from Salzburg in Austria, I've been living in Lichfield UK, Middle England, with my English family for over twenty years.

I started teaching German at the Berlitz Language Centre in 2000 and since have taught in various Language institutions (Birmingham University, Boldmere A E Centre), private and business clients, pupils and students who want to catch up and raise their German exam grades, as well as adults, who have family and work commitments in a German speaking country.


Teaching in all those different areas helped me to create my own language learning philosophy. Learning with materials we are interested in, practise with lots of natural spoken language and without stress. As an online teacher, I can create materials and lessons specifically for each student instead of teaching the same textbook, like in a classroom.