30. March 2020
Angela Merkel's Corona Speech ... offers positive encouragement to Stay Home & Stay Safe !

11. March 2020
Listen to this fun story about Marion, who can't stop dreaming about Italy. How does Miriam (at the end of the story) say to Marion "you are to start living and stop dreaming about Italy!"

23. February 2020
Was ist der Unterschied? Active or passive voice? Wir feiern im Februar Fasching. Im Februar feiert man Fasching. Im Februar wird Fasching gefeiert?

05. January 2020
JANUAR SPAZIERGANG - listen to the story, identify the tenses and answer the questions. From level A2 German.

30. December 2019
"Prosit Neujahr" "Happy New Year" - toast on New Year's Eve in German speaking countries.

13. December 2019
You want to write short Christmas Greetings to friends & family or to a business contact in German. Here is a few suggestions of how to get started and how to say it.

04. December 2019
Nikolaus and Krampus are a huge event in Austria and Bavaria. Nevertheless, it is not so easy to describe to people who have not grown up with the tradition the Nicholas and Krampus feeling.

09. November 2019
Image by Laura Spiteri... Listen to this fun story plus grammar explanations and revise German reflexive verbs, pronouns and linking sentences.

30. August 2019
Do it again - repeat it (go over) - look through it - read through it - review it - revise it are phrasal verbs that are tricky to use in German.

31. July 2019
This month we talked about summer and heatwave. Can you complete the sentences?

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