Fluency · 18. October 2019
Listening comprehension for A2 - B1 students of German.

Fluency · 30. August 2019
Do it again - repeat it (go over) - look through it - read through it - review it - revise it are phrasal verbs that are tricky to use in German.

Fluency · 09. February 2019
Carnival muffle or carnival fan. The spirits divide. Either you love "Fasching" or you hate it.

Fluency · 20. May 2018
How to say in German "Is there a plug in the bathroom?" or "They have pulled the plug on the project."

Fluency · 02. January 2018
What is the difference between zurzeit and Zur Zeit , momentan, gerade oder jetzt? In English these all mean currently. But is there a difference in German?

Fluency · 21. November 2017
Listen, record yourself and alter the meaning to aid retention.

Fluency · 18. September 2017
The four most common uses of "nach" are: